Friday, April 10, 2009


Myspace browsing. Isn't it awesome when you discover a band that's really special, just because they're friends of the friend of another band that you like? Much of the time, when I'm feeling very lazy, I give a quick listen to the band's most played track in their music player. Tubelord's was I Am Azerrad. Now, many will be immediately put off by Jo's chirpish and tender voice, which sound like Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro after spending a week in an helium chamber. But the song was infectious. It was jerky, melodic and meandered off in many different angles, sometimes down dark alleyways ("I'll kill today, I'll kill you as a rat") and others atop vast mountains ("Answers always lying in the paths, I'll see you at the bottom of a star") .
Mathy guitars, bouncy bass and a drummer who pounds at the right times and caresses his cymbal when it most needs some tlc. Oh, and the vocals, never forget the vocals, they're unforgettable. Equally as unforgettable as the nonsensical and smashingly fun lyrics, that go like "I was young when I was ten, and it was unforgivable" and "Another left hand with nothing on my shoulder, nothing but expectations" and "We're bigger than Memphis, you only exist when I want you to." Listening to Tubelord is the aural equivalent of riding a sherbert-powered rocket to the moon.
An album is in the can. Tour dates are due to be announced for May-5 dates with Johnny Foreigner, who are just out of studio with Alex 'Relationship of Command' Newport- so I'm guessing it'll be the soundtrack to my summer.

Download: Tubelord- Half Man Half Amazing

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